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Frances & Romi: Indian wedding in Mallorca

Frances and Romi’s Indian wedding was an unrepeatable event for them and their families; coming to Mallorca, mostly from the US, but originally from India and Puerto Rico.
Romi’s family brought their Indian traditions and Frances contributed with her own Puerto Rican style to create a colorful, vibrant and fun wedding day.

They had the wonderful team from Majorca Weddings coordinating and designing the wedding, and they did amazing work. The Sikh ceremony was celebrated in the neighborhood Temple, originally some sort of garage that they transformed into a yellow and blue bright space, decorated by the incredibly talented Elisabeth Blumen with hundreds of flowers and origami birds.

After the Sikh ceremony and the traditional parade on the streets, Frances and Romi drove their “Just-Married” vintage Volkswagen Beetle to their reception venue, Finca La Real, an old rustic house in the countryside of Mallorca, where they exchanged vows and rings in a small, earnest, yet touching celebration under the trees.
By sunset, all their guests were invited to the dinner space, beautifully decorated with the vibrant colors of the wedding.
Frances and Romi love to dance and they surprised all their guests by starting their first dance with some salsa followed, of course, by a crazy party.










Music: Deejaysgrup

Catering: Fosh Food

Floral design: Elisabeth Blumen

Wedding planning and coordination: Majorca weddings

And thank you to the amazing Sara Frost for joining me on this adventure!

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Carmen - 11/03/2016 - 12:10 PM

Such a great job Jimena!!! You are wonderful!!
Planning this wedding was so much fun…this wedding was awesome!! Frances and Romi are a super super nice couple and everything was perfect!

It’s wonderful making team again with you and with Isabel from Elisabeth Blumen, Sara Frost, Sak Ramos, Paula from Blanc Interiores, Aina form La Real, Fabrizio from Fosh…dream team!! Looking forward to repeat it soon!

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