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Family Session: Marta & Valentina

It’s always flattering when other photographers choose you to take pictures of them. Even more flattering when they love the result. But that’s not even the best part. The best part comes when you see your pictures on the wall of their houses and they honor you with beautiful words like what Marta had to say about these pictures on her Instagram’s feed: “I can’t stop looking at them. And I think about her looking at these pictures when she grows up and I get so emotional!”
Marta is a family photographer herself which makes me even happier since us photographers have the curse of not being on the frame ever! #speakingfrommyexperience


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Marta Schmidt - 12/04/2016 - 2:44 PM

Ay Jimena… ¡Qué ilusión me hace ver estas fotos siempre! Me han ayudado a ser un poco menos dura conmigo y a darme cuenta de lo mucho que disfruto con mi hija a pesar de los momentos difíciles de esta edad :-)
Un besazo!

Indie wedding in Galicia: Mar & Maurix

It’s been a while since Mar & Maurix’s wedding, but theirs is still on my list of favorites of all time. Mar always wanted to get married on a ranch, but she fell in love with this boy from Galicia and changed from the American ranch to the traditional Galicia Pazo, although one with a beautiful corn field!

What she did have was the an old Cadillac to drive her to the wedding!

However, one thing she couldn’t have ever imagined happening – the old Cadillac ran out of gas on the way to the ceremony!

The bride, the Godfather (her dad), the chauffer and the photographer (me!), were stuck in the middle of the highway with an empty tank.

Mar was the most amazing bride ever and never lost her smile throughout. Instead, she called the groom, who was waiting impatiently at the altar, told him not to worry, and then casually laughed at the situation.

We were lucky enough when a neighbour from an adjacent village driving by stopped to help, all the while wondering what a bride could be doing in the middle of the highway!

So, instead of getting to the church in the old Cadillac with a suited chauffer, we got there in a family SUV with a driver wearing flip-flops!
Best anecdote e v e r !

I remember so many great things about this day: all the amazing details, including the hand-made decorations Mar had prepared for the tables, one by one, and then Maurix’s surprised face when his favorite band showed up to play in his wedding, priceless!

Finally, the happiest groom in the world hugging me late that night telling me, almost in tears, “I love her so much!”

Cheers to them!

Venue: Pazo de Santa Cruz

Bride’s gown: Sole Alonso after the bride’s design

Wedding design: This is Maurix & Bandages Love Blood

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Susana Llorente - 07/04/2016 - 12:23 AM


Os escribo porque nos casamos El 30 de julio de 2016, en El Escorial, en una finca en el campo, por la tarde-noche.
Estamos buscando fotógrafos para ese día.
Seremos 150 invitados. Nosotros tenemos 29 y 35 años. La ceremonia es religiosa y la celebración en el campo, en una finca con arboles y todo al aire libre. La boda es de tarde y sera tipo cocktail con puestos. Los invitados, la mayoria, seran gente joven, entre 30-40 años.
Me gustaria saber vuestra disponibilidad y presupuestos.

Muchas gracias

Jimena Roquero - 12/04/2016 - 1:09 PM

Gracias por tu mensaje Susana, te escribo un mail con la información. Un abrazo!

Love Shoot New York: Julia & Josema

It had to be that day. I got to New York the night before and they were leaving the morning after. The only day we had to do the shoot, and it was rainy, foggy and cold. And yet, we got some of my favorite images I’ve ever taken from DUMBO. Thank you Julia and Josema for your optimism and for leading me around streets of New York I never got to explore!

Sesion de fotos en Nueva York

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Rocio - 24/03/2016 - 10:28 PM

Hola Jimena
Encantada de saludarte.
Me llamo Rocio soy actriz, vivi 11 años en madrid y ahora vivo en Argentina.
Viajo a NY en mayo y me gustaria hacerme este tipo de fotos q le has hecho a esta pareja pero yo sola…. para mis castings etc tipo book para actrices o modelos
Podrias pasarme un psp
De cuanto me saldria
Serian unos cambios de ropa en 4 o 5 lugares chulos y famosos de nyc ….bueno ya me diras
Por cierto son divinas las fotos

Jimena Roquero - 28/03/2016 - 12:56 PM

Gracias Rocío! Te escribo por mail. Un abrazo!

Cristina - 19/05/2016 - 11:17 PM

Hola Jimena. Enhorabuena por este trabajo las fotos son sencillamente fabulosas. Mi novio y yo iremos a NY en septiembre y estamos pensando en hacernos una sesion de fotos de este estilo. Tu vas alli expresamente a las sesiones? Nos podrías dar un presupuesto? Muchas gracias!!