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Born and raised in Madrid, I’m the oldest daughter of a huge photo enthusiast. My father always had a camera in hand so I was probably the most photographed kid of the seventies. It’s no wonder as a teenager I rescued my father’s old Nikkormat and started to shoot on my own. And I grew to love it! It took me about ten years to consider myself an artist, though. In the process, I needed to go to college, start and quit a few careers and leave my country. Bah, no big deal. I also went to Photography School where I met some great photographers that made me understand the many ways photography can be approached. I’ve been passionate about the medium ever since.

In 2009, I decided to move to the city I had fallen in love with. I packed my cameras and landed in New York, ready to live the experience to the fullest for the following three months. The last thing I could have imagined was that, only a few weeks later, I would meet the love of my life! Yup, on one of my first nights out in the city, I run into the man I would fall in love with and would eventually marry some years later. New York not only brought me inspiration, but it also changed my life forever :)

After five years of nomadic life between Madrid and New York, we welcomed our beautiful daughter Olivia into our lives and decided to move back to Madrid, which is, at least for the time being, where we consider ‘home’, until the next big adventure overseas.


Jimena Roquero Photography

I often get asked why I shoot weddings and I could tell you a lot of cliches you are probably tired of hearing. So I will tell you this: after working as a photojournalist as well as events and corporate photographer for many years, I find weddings to be the most inspiring, fun and creative field I’ve ever worked on. But more importantly, I work with people in love having the best time of their lives, and I am there to document that forever!

Furthermore, the pictures I’m taking on that day will be the pictures they will show to their children, who will show them to their grandchildren, and so on. To be the artist behind this photographic time-capsule is an incredible honor, and one I greatly appreciate!

I’m based in Spain but always happy to travel worldwide. I also spend short periods of time in Montreal and New York over the year.

If you think we make a good fit, drop me a line, I would love to hear from you!

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